​​About AllTran

​​AllTran is an ever growing asset based freight broker founded in 2013. Our mission has always been to create logistics options for customers with a focus on service and knowledge while providing value with integrity. Through the years we've become a leader in transportation, logistics and technology solutions.

With a strong team, excellent carrier relations, advanced tracking technology and utilizing our company assets we are now a leader in oversize and specialized freight. Our Team is here to provide dependable shipping services with excellent customer service. 



It feels like just yesterday I was sitting by the Christmas tree enjoying the family and daydreaming of the future. Although I was trying to enjoy the holiday, deep down I was anxiously awaiting all the final licensing to fall into place for AllTran so that we could be up and running for the new year, 2014. Just like that, everything fell into place and on the first week of January the real work began.

I began operations working from the car and my home. Since our inception we've built an excellent team, expanded our capacity across the nation, planted offices in multiple regions of the United States and expanded operations by developing our asset division to support the brokerage.

Thank you everyone who has been a part of our history!

President & Founder

Kasey Butler​